The Columbus Coaching Collaborative offers the area’s largest group of professionally trained and credentialed coaches. Our ICF credentials represent the gold standard in the industry – ensuring you the highest level of knowledge, skills, the breadth of coaching experience and a commitment to ethical and professional standards.

The tools of the coaching process – dialogue, goal setting, feedback and encouragement – are used in a customized, innovative manner, and are hands on, immediate, and focused on specific outcomes. Our professional coaching is a highly effective method that relies on a collaborative relationship in which the coach helps the client identify specific personal, professional and/or organizational goals and works toward the accomplishment of those goals. 

Our coaching is focused in the areas of:

Executive and Leadership Growth
Once perceived as a tool to help correct deficits in performance, leadership coaching has become widely used to support top producers and high potentials. Many organizations today have shifted focus to use leadership coaching programs to hone the skills of individuals who are poised to move up in the organization. This type of coaching provides feedback and guidance in “real-time”, developing leaders in the context of their current positions, without taking them away from their day-to-day responsibilities.

Career Development

Whether you are looking to take the next step in your career, have been out of the workforce awhile or trying to find the right career fit for you, career coaching can help you identify your key skills and strengths to explore your professional passion. Additionally, you will discover where and how to look for your next job, as well as how to ensure you are telling the best story with your in-person and online presence.

Succession Planning

Whether you are a corporate executive in a new or challenging role, an entrepreneur seeking to grow your business, or a professional in need of career guidance, we can help.